The first man who got iPhone5s in the world.

If you want new iPhone as fast as possible, you should come to Japan, The east most country in the world. He is the first man who got iPhone5s at Apple flagship store at Ginza, Tokyo.

Taken with Canon 5D MK3 and TS-E90mm Lens.

I was going to take a picture with iPhone for my new app, TiltShiftGen2‘s sample photo. However it was bit too far and I took picture with both iPhone and 5DMk3. Below is the photo that is taken with iPhone and TilsShift Gen2 from same point of view. I think not so bad, isn’t it?

世界で最初にiPhone5sを手に入れた男。 Appleストア銀座店。
行列抜け出して、雑居ビルでお願いして階段から写真撮らせてもらった。撮影はCanon 5D MK3とTS-E90mmレンズ

新しく作った TiltShiftGen2アプリのサンプル写真をとるつもりだったのだけど、iPhoneだと広角すぎたので一眼でも撮ることに。ちなみに同じ場所からiPhoneで撮るとこんな感じになる。わりと悪くないと思う。